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Kleinman’s Tortoise for sale.is also one of the best tortoises because is a very common tortoises are now one of the hardest to find anywhere.

Firstly, Egyptian tortoises are found only on the Nile Delta and the Sinai Desert. The Egypt tortoises.Inhabit sandy/gravely deserts and dry woodlands.

Secondly, often digging below ground to avoid the intense heat.

It’s long, golden/ yellow legs enable it to walk very high off the ground. And minimize contact with the very hot dessert ground.

Thirdly, egyptian Tortoises (as they are also known) . Favoring greens, veggies and even some fruit .

Furthermore, taking insects and other sources of protein occasionally. Tortoises are a desert species. and so should never have a water bowl.

Kleinman’s Tortoise: Testudo kleinmanni

Also, constant access to greens and short, shallow soakings (3 times a week for hatchlings, twice a week for yearlings. And two year olds, and once each week for adults).

More-so, their source of hydration. With adults reaching only 4 – 5 inches this is one of the world’s smallest tortoise

Again, of all the testudo species. Klienmann’s Tortoises have been granted the highest CITIES protection of Appendix 1. Due to extensive habitat destruction and over collection.

Researchers working with this species have designated it to be on the fast track for extinction.

whereas calling for urgent measures to be taken to save it.

Here in the US, only a small hand full of breeders have been successful hatching out this tiny tortoise. that normally only lays one egg at a time.

It’s pretty golden yellow coloring,friendly out going and demeanor make it a pleasure to keep . Therefore  for dedicated tortoise keepers to work with.

Lastly, each Tortoise order comes with a free starter sample of the same Tortoise diet your Tortoise has been raised on.

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