Eastern box turtle for sale


Eastern box turtle for sale






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Captive-Bred Box Turtles for Sale!

Eastern box turtle for sale: Looking for a unique and rewarding reptilian companion? Look no further than our selection of healthy, captive-bred box turtles!

Eastern Box Turtle: This classic box turtle species is known for its beautiful markings and intriguing personality. Learn more about Eastern Box Turtles for sale near you!

Ornate Box Turtle: For those seeking a truly stunning reptile, the Ornate Box Turtle boasts vibrant colors and a captivating presence. Explore Ornate Box Turtles for sale!

Baby Box Turtles: Witness the wonder of a hatchling box turtle! We recommend opting for slightly older babies (around 6 months) to ensure their health and well-being. Inquire about Baby Eastern Box Turtles for sale!

Finding the Perfect Fit:

We understand that budget is a consideration. While we don’t offer box turtles for sale cheap, we prioritize the health and responsible breeding of our animals.

Looking for a Specific Species?

We also have a variety of other box turtles available, including the common box turtle and the Chinese box turtle. Feel free to contact us to inquire about specific species availability.

Responsible Reptile Ownership:

Box turtles can live for decades with proper care. Before bringing one home, be sure to research their needs to ensure you can provide a loving and healthy environment.

Contact us today to find your perfect box turtle companion!

  1. Eastern Box Turtle for Sale
    • Species: Terrapene c. carolina
    • Description: Our stunning captive-bred Eastern Box turtles are available at the best possible pricing. These turtles get their name from their ability to hinge their shell closed on both ends. They are opportunistic omnivores, enjoying both plant and animal matter. When you buy an Eastern Box turtle from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee
  2. Ornate Box Turtle for Sale
    • Species: Terrapene ornata
    • Description: Our radiant captive-bred Ornate Box turtles are hardy terrestrial reptiles with fantastic personalities. They make great pets and can recognize their owner’s voice. When you order an Ornate Box turtle, we guarantee live arrival
  3. Baby Eastern Box Turtle for Sale
    • Description: Our 2023 baby Eastern Box Turtles have a lot of size on them. These intelligent, slow-crawling turtles can recognize their owners and become quite attached. They’re named for their ability to close their shell on both ends
  4. Box Turtles for Sale Cheap
    • Description: We offer a variety of captive-bred baby box turtles, including the common Eastern Box Turtle, 3-toed Box Turtles, and Ornate Box Turtles. Shop with confidence at TortoiseTown, where we prioritize health and provide lifetime support
  5. Common Box Turtle for Sale
    • Description: The common Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) is a beloved pet reptile. We have adult Eastern Box Turtles available as well
  6. Chinese Box Turtle for Sale
    • Description: The Chinese Box Turtle (Cystoclemmys flavomarginata) is rare and unique. While it’s more expensive, it’s a fascinating addition to any collection

Remember, all our turtles are 100% captive-bred and raised with care. Feel free to explore our selection and find the perfect turtle companion!


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