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Common Name: Red Footed Tortoise

Scientific Name: Geochelone Carbonaria

Level: Starter TortoiseCare Sheet:

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GeneralRestricted States: Permits may be required in: WA, HI

Red Foot Tortoise for Sale: In our current stock, we have exquisite baby Red Foot Tortoises. These hatchlings exhibit vibrant colours on both their bodies and shells.

Rather than opting for the delicate hatchlings, we recommend considering well-started baby Red Foot Tortoise for sale. Our selection includes well-started captive-bred babies, juveniles, and Red Foot hatchlings. Specifically, we focus on sourcing top-quality captive-bred Red red-footed tortoises. Our priority lies in nurturing healthy, active tortoises with vivid colouration and distinctive markings.

Red Foot Tortoises possess outgoing and curious personalities, making them truly fantastic companions. If you’re also interested in acquiring supplies for a habitat setup, we highly recommend our complete deluxe tortoise habitat kit.

Features of Our Baby Red Foot Tortoise for Sale:

  • They will eventually become comfortable eating from your hand and quickly learn to respond when they see you.
  • Our baby Red red-footed tortoises are of exceptional quality and are prepared for shipping via FedEx Overnight. They are carefully packaged in heated or cooled insulated containers to ensure their well-being during transit.
  • A single shipping charge covers up to four tortoises.
  • With an on-site biologist overseeing our operations, you can trust that Tortoise Town offers the finest Red Foot Tortoises for sale anywhere!

Red Foot Tortoise for Sale:

Red-Footed Tortoise The peculiarjungles of the Caribbean, Central, and South America are inhabited by Red-footed Tortoises. These medium-sized tortoises, averaging 30 cm (12 in) as adults (though they can reach over 40 cm or 16 in), possess dark-coloured, loaf-shaped carapaces (top shells) with a lighter patch in the middle of each scute. Their plastron (underbelly) is somewhat lighter in colour.

The name “Red-footed” stems from their dark limbs, which are dotted with brightly-coloured scales ranging from pale yellow to vivid or dark red1.

Transitioning to their characteristics, these tortoises exhibit remarkable traits. They are quite intelligent, with good memory and rapid learning abilities regarding food availability, shelter, and basking spots. Their strong sense of smell allows them to detect subtle scents, while their sense of touch extends to even the slightest contact with their protective shell.

Regarding their diet, Red-footed Tortoises thrive on a variety of foods. Grasses, clover hay, dark leafy greens (except for spinach), cactus, carrots, and mixed vegetables all contribute to their well-being. However, their favourites are sweet, red fruits. For optimal health, supplements high in calcium and low in phosphorus are recommended.

In community settings, Red-footed Tortoises flourish. Even hatchlings thrive when raised alongside other tortoises. Providing them with shallow, warm water soaking every third day, a warm basking spot and an abundance of food is essential for these delightful starter tortoises.

Their popularity transcends borders, making them one of the most sought-after species worldwide. Once you begin interacting with these captivating creatures, it becomes evident why they hold such appeal


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