Russian Tortoise


Russian tortoise
-Hatching $200
-Baby $ 235.00
– Sub Adult $250
-Adults $299

Russian Tortoise for sale : Captive-bred Russian tortoises are available for sale. These tortoises come in various life stages, including babies, juveniles, and young adults. They belong to one of the smallest species of tortoises and are known for their ease of care. Here are some key details about Russian tortoises:

  • Size: Russian tortoises typically reach a size of 5-8 inches at maturity.
  • Gender Difference: Males tend to stay smaller than females.
  • Diet: Currently, they are feeding on a diet of greens, veggies, and Mazuri.
  • Lifespan: Russian tortoises can live anywhere from 50 to 90 years.
  • Habitat Options: They can be kept outdoors for hibernation or indoors year-round without hibernation.
  • Testudo Family: The Testudo family of tortoises includes other species such as Hermann’s, Egyptian, Marginated, Greek, Elongated, and more.
  • Support: When you purchase a tortoise from us, you receive lifetime support from our customer support team.

Our baby Russian tortoises are 100% captive-bred, ensuring their health and well-being. We also offer well-started baby Russian tortoises, yearlings, juveniles, and adult tortoises. For those setting up a habitat, we highly recommend our complete deluxe tortoise habitat kit.

Russian tortoises remain small throughout their lives. As they grow, they become one of the easiest pet tortoises to care for, reaching a maximum size of 5-7 inches (with males being smaller). We recommend the 6-month-old well-started Russian tortoise baby over fragile hatchlings. These well-started babies are not only small and cute but also more active. Their popularity stems from their compact size, curious behaviour, and overall ease of care.

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