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Spotted Turtle for sale
Tortoise and Turtle Source has some fantastic beautifully colored spotted turtles for sale (also known as North American spotted turtles for sale) The spotted turtle is known as perhaps the prettiest turtle in North America, is a freshwater turtle that lives in a variety of aquatic habitats across North America.

Our Captive bred   are hand-fed on turtle pellets which can found in the turtle food for sale sectiofor sale are the following sizes: hatchlings, well-started baby , and yearlings.

Spotted turtles are well-tempered and very sociable as well as intelligent. They’re extremely personable turtles and can be easily hand-fed.

When choosing a baby  for sale it is important that you purchase a healthy animal from an experienced breeder. Captive-bred for sale should always be purchased over a wild-caught spotted turtle for sale when possible. Our stock of North American  for sale are top-notch and ready to ship to you via FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled, insulated shipping boxes and come with our live arrival and full 7-day health guarantee.

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