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African Keeled Mud Turtle (Pelusios carinatus) LTC since 2005, 7” – 11” males, rarely offered perfect specimens.

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pelusios Carinatus for sale.  African Keeled Mud Turtle – Pelusios carinatus

pelusios Carinatus for sale.pelusios Carinatus for sale.The African Keeled mud turtle.As is its common name is endemic to the Congo River basin in Africa.

It is found in Equatorial Guinea.

Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Gabon.

Firstly, this are medium sized turtles that prefer the wilderness and quiet of a forest. Landscape and closed water habitats. They can grow up to 24 centimeters or 9.5 inches in carapace length.

Secondly, the African Keeled Mud turtle has a comparatively flat posterior. The end carapace that rises at the center to form a keel. The keel is an extension of its vertebrae.

Thirdly, they runs medially across the length of its carapace. Fourthly, these are probably the only mud turtles that have keels and hence form the evolutionary link between keeled turtles and mud turtles.

Also, on the while the carapace is slightly domed. Hatchlings and juveniles of the species are slightly bigger than a quarter.

Furthermore, The hatchlings have a completely black carapace with white patches on the rim. As the turtle matures even the rim loses the white patches and turns black.

Moreover, they gradually loses width and is narrow at the bottom. More-so, plastron might vary from yellow to cream or beige.

The posterior rim of this is usually black but the rest shows uniformity of color.

Lastly, the forelimb has long sharp claws that often injure the female during the mating process.

The Pelusios Carinatus like all other mud turtles are omnivores. Besides commercial turtle pellets available in pet stores you can feed them sliced vegetables and fruits, romaine lettuce, chunks of meat, fish, worms and insects. Calcium and vitamin supplements should be fed once or twice a week to keep them healthy and nourished

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