Pearl River Map Turtle



The Pearl River map turtle is a species of emydid turtle native to the southern United States. According to a study done in January 2017, the species G. pearlensis was significantly less abundant in the Pearl River region as compared to G. oculifera and exhibited a smaller number of reproductively mature

The Pearl River Map turtle is a very pretty, and very uncommon turtle, found only in the Pearl and Pascagoula rivers in Mississippi and Louisiana. Also called the Pascagoula Map turtle, they prefer swift currents with sand or gravel bottoms. Habitat destruction and pollution have put this species’ future at risk.

Juveniles take pellets, insects, fish, clams and snails. They prefer basking in secluded settings and do best in cool, clean and well circulated water. Pearl River Maps are rarely available, as only a few breeders are successfully working with them, but their beauty and plight in the wild make them well worth the extra effort to properly keep them.

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