Baby (Golden) Greek Tortoise


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Baby Golden Greek Tortoises Testudo graecaGolden Greek Tortoises have distinctly colored carapaces with a “golden” color which is where they get their name. This is a very pleasant species with shy habits. They love to show off their burrowing and digging abilities and hide out from time to time. Since they love to burrow and dig so much, it’s important that they’re provided with a dry and warm climate to thrive. As your Golden Greek Tortoise gets to know you it will become more comfortable, but it will always enjoy burrowing. Golden Greek Tortoises are strict herbivores and it is essential to maintain properly low protein levels. They require a dry climate with a nice place for the tortoise to take refuge and relax. Golden Greek Tortoises will live for more than 50 years with proper care, attention and love. Little is known about exactly where the Golden Greek Tortoises have originated, but scientists believe they’ve evolved from sandy habitats based on their pretty, golden sheen.

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