Albino Chinese Softshell Turtle


Albino Chinese Softshell Turtle. What you need to know

1. Chinese Softshell Turtle

The softshell turtle is native to China and Southeast Asia. These turtles inhabit freshwater ecosystems and are herbivorous; they eat algae, aquatic plants, small fish, crayfish, insects, slugs, snails, worms, and even frogs. The average lifespan of a softshell turtle is 20 years.
2. Eggs
Softshell turtles lay eggs in May and June. After laying their eggs, the female softshell turtle digs shallow nests in the ground. She then covers her nest with sand and sticks and returns to the water. The eggs hatch after about 4 months and the young turtles have no shell at birth.
3. Growth
Chinese softshell turtles reach sexual maturity at approximately 2 to 5 years old. At this point, males may become territorial while females begin looking for mates. Males fight over territories until they find a mate. Females are polygynous and often mate with several partners.
4. Behavior
Males are highly aggressive towards each other. Males may fight with their penises and use them to stab others. Females do not show aggression towards each other unless attacked or injured. When they are threatened, they curl their bodies into a defensive ball.
5. Nutrition
During the summer months, softshell turtles tend to feed on aquatic plants and algae. In the winter, they feed on land-based vegetation, such as grasses, clovers, and weeds. Softshell turtles are omnivores and do not need much food. Their diet consists of both vegetables and meat.
6. Habitat
These turtles thrive in shallow, slow moving rivers and lakes. They prefer warm temperatures and clear waters.
7. Conservation
There are many threats to the survival of softshell turtles. One threat is habitat destruction and contamination. Another is poaching for pets and traditional medicine. Overhunting of these turtles for food and medicinal purposes is also a major problem.
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