T-Positive Albino Florida Red Belly



T-Positive Albino Florida Red Belly

Six years ago, the first of this spectacular new color morph hatched out to our wonder and amazement. Two generations later, a small group of these unbelievably pretty turtles are finally available to you. They have ghostly light coloring, very bright oranges, greens, yellows, with blue coloring around the eyes, and the entire turtle has a faint, but distinct lavender glow to it – very different to be sure…

T- Positive Albino Florida Red Bellies behave exactly the same as normal colored Florida Red Bellies – and have the very same diet and husbandry requirements.T-Positive Albino Florida Red Belly

The “T” in T-Positive Albino represents tyrosinase, an enzyme required in the synthesis of melanin (dark pigment). T-Positive Albinos have functional tyrosinase enzymes required to synthesize melanin, but they lack a subsequent enzyme required to complete the melanin-synthesis process. So a T-Positive Albino exhibits some pigment, giving the animal a very unusual, pastel coloring – as if it had just walked out of a water color painting. As with normal Albinos, T-Positives have red pupils – but they are harder to see without a bright light… This is an outstanding morph for the breeder looking to work with something not readily available – with a potentially very good pay off in one – or two generations – Or for anyone wanting to keep one of the world’s prettiest Turtles…