Hypo Pastel Pink Belly Sideneck Turtle



pink belly sideneck turtles for sale: Finally after a long wait since hatching our first Hypo Pastel Pink Belly Side Necked Turtle, this impressive turtle hatched out of a clutch of 7 in 2008. The group has been raised seperately, with several turtles showing signs of the pink/pastel trait – the turtle we’ve featured is well beyond the rest in color. It’s shell is almost entirely pink, top and bottom. It’s skin on it’s neck, legs and tail are also bright pink. At one year old it has grown nicely to 4.25 inches and 144 grams. Easily the nicest Hypo that we have ever produced, it is a very special turtle. It’s still a bit small to sex – but it is starting to look like a male; either way, this turtle will make a fine centerpiece for a breeding project that can even feature Albinos.

It’s background and care is otherwise the same as normal E. subglobosa, and follows:

Pink Belly side necked turtles are excellent tank turtles, doing best in deeper, warm water. They are also very good community turtles, and can be kept with most other highly aquatic tropical species. Their shells can range from very light tan, all the way to black, with bright pink bellies. Adults will do well in any set up that features warm, de chlorinated water.

This species is mostly carnivorous, and will take fish, meat, crustaceans and pellets. Water temperatures that stay above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (77 – 83 is ideal) will keep this species happy, and keepers will enjoy a very active representative of New Guinea and Australian lakes and rivers.

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