Golden Flame Florida Red Bellied Turtle For Sale Online $695.00 – $5,990.00



We have just a few super cute CAPTIVE BRED baby Golden Flame Florida Red Bellied Turtle for sale. Over  years ago we hatched a very “orangey”, very pretty group of Florida Red Bellied Turtles. We raised up that group and saved the prettiest ones to breed. Four years later we produced several clutches of even brighter and more colorful Red Bellies. From that second generation, we again saved back the prettiest colored turtles to breed. What you see now is the third generation of super high orange turtles – many with over half their shells bright orange & yellow. We also held them back for personality, so these new Golden Flames are super outgoing, never shy and always friendly available for sale. 

Their diet, care and husbandry is exactly the same as it is for normal colored Florida Red Bellied Turtles – they are very easy – and very rare tank turtles. Golden Flame Florida Red Bellies are one of the world’s hottest color morphs! Only 3 short years and we turned hatchlings into the next generation of these beautiful turtles!


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