Red Cheeked Mud Turtle


Red Cheeked Mud Turtle for Sale

Easily one of the prettiest colored turtles in all the world, the Red Cheeked Mud Turtle is actually a brightly colored subspecies of the Scorpion Mud Turtle. Hatchlings start out with faint red/orange coloring, and as they grow, so does their head coloring. Yearlings show lots of red/orange, and 2-year-olds show even more (see our photos). Only time will tell how bright each individual will be, but our bright-colored adults produce lots of brightly colored offspring.

The Latin (scientific) name, Kinosternon scorpioides cruentatum, means “blood spotted” in honor of this species’ bright red or orange head color. Red Cheeked Mud Turtles are found in lakes, streams, and slow-moving rivers from Nicaragua into Honduras and Southern Mexico.

Red Cheeked Mud Turtles do very well in glass tanks and warm weather ponds. They stay small and get along quite well with other similar-sized Mud and Musk turtles. Males tend to have the brightest head coloring, and our breeding colony has exceptionally brilliant color, even for this species. Hatchlings are raised on pellets, given earthworms and cut fish once or twice a week, but any protein food is readily accepted. Because not many breeders work with this handsome species, their availability is limited.

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Red Cheeked Mud Turtle Price

The price varies depending on age, color, and availability.

Red Cheeked Mud Turtle Size
Adults typically stay small, reaching only a few inches in length.

Red Cheeked Mud Turtle Care
These turtles require a glass tank or warm weather pond, protein-rich diet, and clean water.

Mud Turtle Price
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