Walkers European Transport Cease Operating

By: Natalie
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Walkers European Transport Cease Operating

We have come into the office this morning to the awful news that our animal courier has ceased operating, with no prior warning and only the website notice to go by (see attached photo). We will not cancel orders at this stage. We hope that you will give us time to seek out a new courier. Please understand that although we want to fix this issue as soon as possible, the welfare of the tortoises is paramount and we will only arrange deliveries again when we are certain our tortoises are in good hands.


This does not just effect us, this effects all animal businesses, shops, breeders, conservation, almost the entire country used Walkers for their animal transportation. We are in the same boat right now and we ask at this time of so many ongoing crisis’ in people’s lives, that if you can spare the fuel to collect your tortoise (rather than paying a £55 delivery fee), please choose pick up from store and we can get you booked in as soon as possible.


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