Yellow Blotched Map Turtle



One of the world’s rarest turtles, the Yellow Blotched Map Turtle (Graptemys flavimaculata) is also one of the most beautiful. We have worked patiently for over 10 years to join the small handful of breeders who successfully work with this prized species. Found only in the Pascagoula river system in Mississippi, #YellowBlotchedMapTurtles thrive in wide rivers with strong currents. The love to bask in the branches and brush piles along the water’s edge. Our adults perform an impressive water version of a mating dance, with the males and females stroking each other’s heads simultaneously .

In the wild, Yellow Blotched Map Turtles love to eat insects, mollusks crustaceans and fish. Ours readily take pellets, super worms, cut fish and crickets.

We were fortunate enough to hatch 3 of these impressive turtles, who behave similarly to juvenile Black Knob, Cagel’s and even Mississippi Map turtles. Due to pollution and habitat destruction, this species has very appropriately been given the highest levels of protection both on state and federal levels. Consequently, we are only allowed to ship Yellow Blotched Maps Turtles to Florida residents – with absolutely no exceptions.

Top photo a 6 week old Juvenile. Middle photo shows all three piping and hatching, bottom photo shows a juvenile at 5 weeks.


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