Half Black Half Green Yellow Bellied Sliders



Yellow Bellied Sliders for sale are mostly aquatic and love to bask. They make excellent starter turtles, and adults will add color to outdoor ponds in all but the coldest temperature zones. They do well in tanks, with primarily water setups, and get along very well when kept with most other species.

This one of a kind turtle hatched with a color anomaly like no other… It’s entire right side is very dark with lots of black coloration. The same for it’s feet and right side of it’s head. The left side is light or normally colored. The left feet, and side of the head are also light, or normally colored. What triggered this anomaly is possibly a geneticist’s dream project… (It calls to mind an episode of the original Star Trek series.) This turtle is 6 weeks old, doing very well and behaves exactly like a normal colored Yellow Bellied Slider, who’s description follows:


They bask frequently, and often pile on top of each other for the highest possible sunning position. In community set ups, Yellow Bellied Sliders are usually the first turtle that will become tame – setting the example for other species. Yellow Bellied Sliders are omnivorous, eating pellets, most greens, insects, fish, mollusks etc. Water plants are a favorite food and a favorite“hang out. They are a fine species for community tanks and ponds.

Yellow Bellied Sliders for sale