Vietnamese Wood Turtle



Part Owl, part parrot, part round eyed fish, part wood turtle . . . Holding a Vietnamese Wood Turtle in your hand, all of these thoughts go through your head. With huge eyes and spectacular colors, even the most seasoned turtle enthusiasts get excited about this pretty little turtle.

Found in mountain woodlands of small, isolated parts of Vietnam and China, as well as on Sumatra and Borneo, this little turtle looks like a spiked, mini version of a North American Wood Turtle with a brilliantly colored head. It is fond of land and prefers semi aquatic habitats. Hatchlings tend to stay in the water more as a natural instinct for safety… A true omnivore, our hatchlings eagerly take earth worms, small super worms, cut fish and pellets. Adults also take fruits & Vegetables readily.vietnamese wood turtle for sale

Like a periscope, this intelligent and personable turtle often extends it’s head far above the body to survey it’s surroundings – and once familiar with it’s keepers will come charging over as soon as it spots you… vietnamese wood turtle for sale

Once a very common turtle, Vietnamese Wood Turtles are now very rare – both in nature, and in keeper’s breeding colonies

Found in mountain woodlands of small, isolated