McCord’s Box Turtle



The world’s rarest box turtle – possibly the world’s rarest turtle… McCord’s Box Turtle once occupied a tiny range in the Guangxi region of south China where it is now essentially extinct. It has been many years since anyone has found even one of these rare turtles in the wild. Today, there are only two breeders and one zoo working with small breeding colonies of this vanishing species – in the entire world. This year, only one breeder’s colony produced just a few.

McCord’s box turtles are a semi aquatic, species, inhabiting shallow waters beneath very dense vegetation. They are a small species, not getting much larger than 5 inches. Cuora mccordi have reddish brown carapaces, much of their skin is yellow/brown and their heads are a bright yellow. Their set up and husbandry is very similar to other Cuora species. Their diet is mainly carnivorous. We feed our’s earth worms, pellets, insects and some plants, flowers and fruits. Our’s enjoy natural sunlight, plenty of plant cover and dechlorinated water.McCord’s Box Turtle for sale

With only 3 assurance colonies left in the world – this is not a species for keepers to seek as a prize for their collections. The few hatchlings that ever become available are best if destined for serious breeding projects. We only offer our’s with this goal in mind. McCord’s Box Turtle for sale