High Yellow Indian Star.

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Indian Star Tortoise
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Firstly, when you breed very pretty adult Indian Star Tortoises, every so often a clutch of high yellow hatchlings pops up.

These two hatched out just over four months ago.

And have grown very nicely ever since.

Also, each is 1.75 inches and weighs 27 and 28 grams respectively .

Both have very thick yellow star patterns and lots of yellow around the bottoms of their shells. Their behavior and care is identical to that of normal Indian Star Tortoises and follows.

Secondly, calcium supplements, with vitamin D3, are a must for all stars, especially for juveniles and breeding females.

Thirdly, care must be taken to make sure that sand cannot be eaten with their food.

Because a sand- free enclosure, or section of their set up for feeding, is best to avoid serious impactions. Also, high yellow Indian Star Tortoises are a dry species and should never have a water bowl.

More-so, constant access to greens and short, shallow soakings (3 times a week.

For hatchlings twice a week .For yearlings and two year olds, and once each week for adults) is their source of hydration.


           High Yellow Indian Star Tortoises:             Geochelone Elegans

In all we soak our juveniles every third day in less than an inch of warm water.

In order for Star Tortoises to metabolize calcium, Vitamin D 3 must be synthesized.

Providing a UVB basking bulb will accomplish this. Their enclosure should also include a dark hide box, far from the basking area to provide a full range of temperature options. In warmer dry months, protected outdoor pens that provide both sun and shade will contribute greatly to the Star Tortoise’s good health.


Our Star Tortoises are produced from a breeding colony of very large, brightly colored adults. With their classic high domed shells and spectacular patterns, keeping these amazing creatures is well worth the keeper’s extra attention to detail.

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