Spanish Pond Turtle



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Spanish Pond Turtles (Mauremys leprosa) are very cryptic in nature – and they are never seen in the turtle keeping world. Their natural range is the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. buy Spanish Pond Turtle online

  • In the 1960s and 1970s this species was brought into the US in very small numbers. Today, they are not collected for food, zoos, the pet trade or even science – essentially, no one has them…

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  • Spanish Pond Turtles are very scarce through out their native ranges, only present in very small, very shy populations.
  • They are resistant to pollution, and have no problem waiting out long drought periods in dried mud…Most interestingly, in the North African parts of their range, they are found in desert oases and wadis – how they crossed the desert sands to get there is not known – but help from man is a likely possibility.

Their omnivorous diet leans toward protein: Fish, Tadpoles, Amphibians and insects – but includes aquatic plants and most encountered vegetation. Our’s love pellets, fish & hyacinth and lettuce… Also called Spanish terrapins, they are super easy to keep, they have very friendly, outgoing personalities, and they are almost never available… Requests and inquiries from people with Mediterranean back rounds are common… The rare moments that we have one or two available doesn’t last long.