Paradox-Lime Phase Albino Red Eared Slider



Paradox are the most impossible to predict of all the RES morphs !

Some are White (like Snows), Some Yellow, a few Het-normal, some born with Paradox markings, or some completely without – and developing them as they grow. The Lime phase hatches only about 5 percent of the time – or not at all… It is a very bright lime color, with faded water color skin markings and dark black eyes (suggesting Leucistic) – a few are born with Albino red eyes (suggesting T+ Albino) and their eyes darken as they grow – some becoming jet black… buy Albino Red Eared Slider

In the three years since the first Paradox hatched, 2 were actually born grey all over – go figure… This morph is a complete mystery ! As breeders scramble to work on Paradox’s different possibilities, the Lime Paradox phase holds many secrets. This year, with the first female Paradox ever born, a couple females and a couple males have hatched out Lime Albino Red Eared Slider

A completely new morph ! Paradox Albinos are not related to Snows, Leubinos, Caramels or Charcoals – but imagine what you could make by putting all their genes together ! As adults they are yellow/white or Lime, with a few to many black Pinto like blotches all over them – a few even have some normal traces of green markings – like random drops of paint on a canvas – each is unique – and crazy to look at… As hatchlings, this new morph’s eyes have the blue iris like a Caramel, but with a very large glowing red pupil – more like a snow – making clear that their mutation is a form of albinism … When hatchlings close their eyes, you can clearly see the glowing red pupil & iris, right through their eyelids – almost as if their eyes were still open (as adults, their eyes darken up – but always show albino red in sunlight). Hatchling’s heads, limbs and skin is all very transparent & under a soft 40 watt light their soft parts actually glow (see the top photo). When they first hatch, their shells and skin are soft yellow and light pink – in a few weeks fully defined patterns develop and some even have traces of blue/black or green pigment randomly appear on their carapaces & plastrons (Paradox) suggesting even more possibilities on their genetic tool belts. As they grow, they have small to large black – and sometimes normal green colored markings all over their shells and skin – some even develop a lime albino color… Their “all from the eye” head striping makes you think of many other species – and yet these are 100% Red Ear all the way… In a picture – or in your hand it’s clear that this new RES morph is like nothing else – but their greatest appeal is the potential morphs Paradox Albinos could create with Charcoals, Leubinos, Caramels and Snows – (think ball pythons)… When asked what to call this new morph – one top breeder simply said with an exasperated sigh: ” POSSESSED !?! ” Paradox Albinos – and they just might hold the keys to the future of RES breeding . . .