Madagascar Big Headed Side Necked Turtles



Here is one for the turtle purists. The Madagascar Big Headed Side Necked Turtle (Erymnochelys madagascariensis) is found only in the slow flowing rivers and swamps on the island of Madagascar. Closely related to the Podocnemis turtle species’ of South America, Erymnochelys madagascariensis is a very powerful swimmer and an aggressive predator, eating fish, amphibians, birds and pretty much anything that moves. Our hatchlings readily take cut fish, beef heart, super worms and Madagascar big-headed turtle

These highly active turtles enjoy both shallow and deeper water, and make fine tank turtles,. They do well in groups, but may out compete milder species. Madagascar Big Headed Side-necked Turtles are an impressive and fascinating species to keep. The people of Madagascar both fear and respect these turtles because of their strength and aggressive nature. They are often featured in the folklore of the Malagasy cultures.

This handsome turtle is disappearing rapidly in the wild where it is a prized food item by the Malagasy people, who have fished it close to extinction. Deforestation and Habitat degradation also have taken a heavy toll on this now very rare, and appropriately protected species. Many years of hard work by a few skilled US breeders makes small numbers of them available for keepers to appreciate and enjoy.