Albino Pink Belly Side Necked Heterozygous



Possible Heterozygous Hatchlings For Albino Pink Belly Side-Neck: We are offering a few of the same possible, but not certain, hets – exactly the same as we started our Albino project several years ago- each of these normal looking turtles may or may not be het for the albino gene. These are some of the normal looking siblings of our albinos. You can have the same chance we started with

The pink-bellied side-necked turtle (Emydura subglobosa) is a recent introduction to the North American turtle keeping hobby. Its shell ranges in color from beige to chestnut brown or slate gray. The plastron can be white, pink or, in the case of especially prized specimens, bright red/orange. The skin is typically various shades of gray, with some red markings. As pink-bellied side-necks grow, their skin develops additional random red/orange markings.

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