Emerald Albino Paradox Red Eared Slider



Yet another Paradox morph !

Emerald Albino Paradox are the newest – and possibly the coolest looking of the now over a dozen morphs of the Paradox bloodline…

Picture a pure yellow Albino, complete with dark red eyes and bright green seeming to seep up from within . . . There’s nothing like it in the Turtle world today. It almost glows in your hand ! The feet are pink, and a few early Paradox markings are present as well. So far we’ve only hatched 2 ever… A male (with a minor extra scute) and a perfect female. Trying to capture the translucent green coloring isn’t easy – but these are like nothing else !

As hatchlings, this new morph’s eyes have the blue iris like a Caramel, but with a very large glowing red pupil – more like a snow – making clear that their mutation is a form of albinism …
When hatchlings close their eyes, you can clearly see the glowing red pupil & iris, right through their eyelids – almost as if their eyes were still open (as adults, their eyes darken up – but always show albino red in sunlight). Hatchling’s heads, limbs and skin is all very transparent & under a soft 40 watt light their soft parts actually glow (see the top photo). When they first hatch, their shells and skin are soft yellow and light pink – in a few weeks fully defined patterns develop and some even have traces of blue/black or green pigment randomly appear on their carapaces & plastrons (Paradox) suggesting even more possibilities on their genetic tool belts.

Now imagine combining their gene with other morphs !