The Common Map Turtles




Common Map Turtles for sale is the most widely distributed Map Turtle in all of North America. It is however, one of the least available to keepers. Not easily bred in captivity, most breeders don’t even try, so it is a true rarity to ever see them available… Common Map Turtles are a pretty tan/ green color as juveniles with subtle shell patterning, giving way to olive brown as adults. Their head and neck has a very detailed yellow gold pin striping very similar to Chinese Golden Thread Turtles – only brighter.

Common Map Turtles are most often seen along larger rivers and lakes from Canada south to Alabama. Northern populations hibernate, while Common Maps in the south are active year round if the weather is warm enough. Big fans of snails and other mollusks, our hatchlings prefer romaine lettuce, earth worms and pellets.Common Map Turtles for sale


In nature Common Map Turtles there are heavily predated by raccoons, opossums and even coyotes. The biggest threat to them is man’s water management projects and water pollution. We’ve hatched 3 three clutches for the first time ever, so for all you Map (Graptemys) purists, here’s your chance to get the one species you never see…