Leucistic Common Snapping Turtles




This unique snapping turtle has pinkish skin with shades of blue and white, and even some yellow highlights. It’s eyes are deep blue and it’s shell is very light colored. It is four inches long, and weighs 326 grams. It is perfect in every way, and may very well be the only Leucistic Snapping Turtle known. It’s behavior and care are identical to normally colored Snapping Turtles and follows:

One of North America’s most recognizable fully aquatic Turtles, the Common Snapping Turtle, inhabits nearly all bodies of slow moving, soft bottomed water, fresh and brackish, from Nova Scotia to Mexico, east of the Rocky Mountains. In Florida it gives way to the Florida Snapping Turtle.

buy Leucistic Common Snapping Turtles which are true omnivores, and will eat anything they can fit into their mouths. Juveniles freely forage for food, while adults prefer to be ambush predators, lying in wait for the next passing meal. These tendencies make all sizes excellent tank turtles. Not the best community turtles, juvenile Common Snapping Turtles think everyone’s tail is a worm – and will promptly remove them – even other snappers’. We feed ours pellets, cut fish and beef. Water plants are also offered. One study has shown hatchlings to imprint well on early food items.buy Leucistic Common Snapping Turtles

In the last century, people’s taste for Common Snapping Turtles, severely damaged many wild populations. Now, many are farm raised, both in the US and abroad. Wild Snapping Turtles are almost always quite vicious. Captive raised snappers, if handled often, will tame down fairly well. They never loose their fiercely vicious feeding response, and keepers never seem to loose their fascination for them…

Please note that California and Washington state do not allow Snapping Turtles to be kept by individuals – so we can not ship Snapping Turtles to those states without special permits.