Hypo Translucent Red Eared Slider (Golden Phase)



For the first time ever, two Golden Phase Hypo Translucents hatched in 2010 – both have impressive coloring that seems to change hues each day…

This never seen before color morph was developed after 5 generations of breeding Albinos for better eye site. They are actually an Albino Red Eared Slider with faint, yet distinct pigmentation on the carapace and top of the head. Also known as a Flip Flop Albino, these unique turtles look like albinos from the bottom – and like something out of this world from the top… Their faces are clownlike with blue irises, red pupils, lemon yellow mouths, and glowing red head markings, and the pink, translucent skin pigmentation of Leucistic Albino Red Ears – which reminds you of a watercolor painting.Translucent Hypo Turtles for Sale

They can be bred with Leucistic Albinos to produce more Hypo Translucents, more Leucistic Albinos and some normal looking Albinos that carry both the Leucistic and Hypo Translucent trait. Start mixing them with Caramel Pinks or even Snows and who knows… Produced by only one breeder in the world, just a few of these startling turtles are hatched each year – and yes, even though they are Albinos, they have perfect eye site…Translucent Hypo Turtles for Sale