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The Snake Necked Turtle for sale is a very interesting and bizarre-looking turtle. Reimann’s Snake-Necked Turtle, which looks more like ET than a “standard” turtle, can be found only in a few locations on the island of New Guinea (Indonesia). This is a relatively new species, and very little is known about their behavior and habits in the wild.

Juvenile Characteristics

Juveniles exhibit sharp white to yellow markings on their bellies and the edges of their shells. They readily consume pellets, fish, meat, and small earthworms. They are highly aquatic and are excellent swimmers. Their behavior is much like other Chelodina Snake-Necks.

Study and Learning

This tropical species is a good one for study and new learning, as they were only described in 1990. The limited understanding of their behavior in the wild makes them fascinating subjects for observation.

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Additional Information

Baby Siebenrock’s Snake Necked Turtles for Sale


  • Species: Chelodina siebenrocki
  • Captive Bred: Yes
  • Shell Length: Approximately 2+ inches
  • Potential Growth: Can grow up to 14 inches
  • Diet: Blood worms, shredded silversides, and starting on pellets
  • Fun Facts:
    • These turtles display long pale necks able to reach the water’s surface.
    • Found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
    • They have stunning color on their body combined with unique patterns on their shell.

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Q: Are Snake Neck Turtles dangerous? A: Snake Neck Turtles are not considered dangerous. They have a unique appearance and behavior.

Q: What is the scientific name of the Snake Necked Turtle? A: The scientific name is Chelodina siebenrocki.

Q: How big do Snake Neck Turtles get? A: They can grow up to 14 inches in length.

Q: Where are Snake Neck Turtles found? A: They are found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Q: What do juvenile Snake Neck Turtles eat? A: Juveniles eat pellets, fish, meat, and small earthworms.

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