Cagle’s Map Turtle



cagle’s map turtle for sale : Almost never available, Cage’s Map turtles are a rare treat – from only two river systems in south Texas – they are the only map turtle that is predominantly green in coloring. They love to bask, are fine swimmers and will liven up any tank or pond, getting along with most other species. Staying small, males grow to only 5 inches and females to 6.5 inches, Cagles Maps are an ideal tank turtle… They are also perfect for protected, warm weather or southern ponds.

Ours love floating romaine lettuce and pellets, they also take earth worms, insects, cut fish and crustaceans. Cagle’s are a very slow growing, hard shelled Map Turtle with very intricate green and yellow spiral patterning – very reminiscent of topographical maps. They appreciate a well set up tank, are a breeze to keep, and a pleasure to watch & enjoy.

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cagle’s map turtle for sale

This is a model of a turtle.

The body is made of plastic and the shell is made of metal. The shell is in good condition, but the plastic is starting to wear away. The metal is in good condition.

The body is about 12″ long and the shell is about 5″ long.

This turtle is for sale.