Ivory Leopard Tortoise


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Leopard Tortoise Habitat and Cage setup

Baby Leopard Tortoise Available A Leopard does very well whether they are living indoors or outdoors.  Inside, consider building or purchasing a tortoise table style enclosure. 

Alternatively, provide an outside tortoise habitat in areas where the temperature does not dip below 55 degrees at any time.  Secondly, a pair of adult leopard tortoises for sale can be kept in a 4 foot by 8-foot setup or tortoise table.  Lastly, it is important that the walls are a solid material so the tortoise cannot see thru them. 

Because of this and for that reason, aquariums are normally not recommended. 

Basically, do not use them unless the walls can be covered. So the animals cannot see through them.  Also, you should make sure the tortoise table walls are at least 16-18″ tall and can be made of wood. Block or other material that prevents the baby leopard tortoise from seeing out.  In closing, leopards are very calm and do not try to dig, or escape like some other breeds of tortoise may do.pardalis babcocki…

As leopard tortoise breeders, we work with both traditional pardalis babcocki leopard tortoise from northern and eastern African regions as well the rarer and highly sought after giant South Africa Leopard tortoises

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