Chinese Box Turtles for sale


hatchlings = $200.00
Yearlings = $250.00
Juvenile = 300.00
Sub Adults = $350.00
Adults = $399.00


We have some absolutely stunning vividly colored chinese box turtles for sale at the best prices anywhere for this quality of animal.
Cuora flavomarginata)for sale online

chinese box turtles for sale it is also one of the most beautiful and sought-after box turtles for sale and also popular among reptile collecting enthusiasts.

More commonly known by reptile and turtle enthusiasts as the Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle for sale,

this turtle comes from Southern China, Hainan Island, Hong Kong, North Vietnam & Laos.  We have some beautiful chinese box turtles for sale including baby chinese box turtles.

How much is a Chinese turtle?
Spotted turtles and box turtles fetch up to $1,000 each on the black market in China, where they are in high demand because their red and gold markings make them symbols of good fortune and status and, when eaten, sources of sexual prowess and cures for various ailments
These turtles reach a shell size of 5-12 inches long.
With a life span of roughly 25-40 years, these intelligent turtles often become cherished family and sometimes generational pets.
One of the rarest species native to the country — the Yunnan box turtle — goes for $200,000 on the black market and is sold on “the same international trade routes that are used to run guns and drugs,” writes the book’s author, journalist Peter Laufer

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