Coleus Seed Progress

Coleus Seed Progress

We’ve been working hard over the last year to improve our knowledge on tortoise diet, as well as improving the seeds we sell, to ensure that you are only growing  completely safe to feed plants, rather than those that should only be fed in moderation.

With the launch of our new Propagator set, we wanted to give you a view of what it’s like to grow these beautiful perennials. You can purchase your own propagator set here The Tortoise Shop Propagator (Improved set)

What better way to show you, than to grow them ourselves. Take a look below at the photos of our progress ( I will try to update as often as there is a notable change).

4th October

22nd August

I had an accident transplanting my ginormous plant from the glass vase to the massive pot. Ultimately, the massive pot did not fare well with the cats around.

1st-5th August

24th-29th July

18th-20th July

14th July

Split up and repotted into larger pots now. They’re growing so fast now, They’ll probably have to go outside next weekend. I have plucked a leaf to see if Alfie likes it and to see how it continues to grow after being plucked.

8th July

Starting to outgrow their makeshift pot already

1st July

Re-potted into a sand castle bucket, they’re really thriving now.

19th June

It’s been 2 weeks since I planted the seeds, they are still in their smaller pots, but I have removed the propagator lid and they are ready to be moved into their 3″ pots.

(you can see my livingstone daisies growing alongside, although they are
also a safe to feed, do not grow unless you have infinite patience.
They took 3 months to begin to grow, 4 months to flower and now they are

11th June

The first sign of seedlings. There were only 3 pots showing seedlings on this morning, but the next day, there were 5.

4th June

Today I potted up my soil and placed my coleus seeds on top of the soil in each pot. It is advised not to cover these seeds with any soil, as they need complete light to grow. I’m using slightly smaller pots than the ones we provide with our propagator, as I became impatient waiting for the delivery.

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